项目面积 | 8500㎡
项目地点 | 四川·成都

设计总监 | 廖虹森
空间设计 | 宋昊 / 石杨洋 / 周先治 / 吕莉
平面视觉 | 何季航 / 齐东周
施工后期 | 袁萍 / 何冰 / 杨正昱


这一次,我们重新回到“一个帝标沙发诞生的地方”,为其设计位于成都市新都区的工厂总部展厅 —— 在这个有着三层体量的建筑空间内,我们让帝标原本的“生产&制造”属性重回商业空间,在工艺流程、设计定制、家居美学及潮流元素的多维度品牌价值间,找到一个内在与外延属性平衡的诠释方式。

Over the past three years, in multiple retail terminal design projects that Ruisheng has collaborated with Emperor Biao, it has continuously added the explicit brand attribute of “design&creativity” to refresh the boundaries of traditional home commercial space for Emperor Biao; From concept stores, office spaces to home experience stores, we continue to inject new concept templates and design expressions into the experiential space of the flagship.

This time, we return to “a place where the imperial sofa was born” and design the factory headquarters exhibition hall located in Xindu District of Chengdu for it. In this three storey building space, we let the original “production&manufacturing” attribute of imperial sofa return to the commercial space, and among the multi-dimensional brand values of process flow, design customization, home aesthetics and fashion elements, Find an interpretation that balances internal and external attributes.



品牌与产品最本质内核的价值,有着持续新生的力量。在深度发力了帝标零售终端的潮流形象刷新后,我们从表象重回内里 —— 让工厂状态回归商业空间,为本次项目设计激活了新的思考源点与底层逻辑,让空间的呈现形态和体验触点,更加贴近帝标匠艺精神的内核。


The most essential core value of a brand and product has a continuous and new strength. After deeply exerting our efforts to refresh the trendy image of the Imperial Retail Terminal, we have returned from the surface to the interior – returning the factory state to the commercial space, activating new sources of thinking and underlying logic for this project design, making the presentation form and experience touch points of the space closer to the core of the Imperial Craftsmanship spirit.

And by overlaying explicit elements of art/trends/colors/graphics, breakthrough expression techniques are injected into the space. Whether it is the product scene in the space or the functional area, the meticulously crafted design aesthetic can be felt. The collision between “imperial aesthetics” and “factory attributes” has produced a result of 1+1>2, once again exploring a new concept of modern home space aesthetics for imperial standards.