SAYYAS aluminum clad wooden windows, focus on the categories of windows and doors, a leading brand in the professional sector. Our 310 sqm new retail terminal designed for SAYYAS runs the entire space with the concept of "beauty of opening and closing", giving the entire space an open visual experience while giving SAYYAS a unique and magnificent brand name.

In the spatial layout design, the idea of ??"publicity" and "professionalism" of interaction is taken as the dominant factor. In many parts of the store are designed to enable these three properties wrapped around the customer area and device, so that customers always maintain a sense of participation in the store. Will be products, scenes, characters for "gapless" connection, focusing on people - things - field integration.

SAYYAS is an aluminum-clad wooden door and window brand that has a "say", so the professional presentation in the store can not be ignored either. While pursuing the display of products, we also focus on the product technical experience so that consumers can better understand the core technologies of products.

The whole tone of space to "cross-border" concept of style to build. MuAL emphasizes the brand's professionalism, improve brand quality, refined and delicate and natural collision of the original texture, so that consumers perceive the brand's professional and high quality comfortable life.