Contextual design 是交互设计领域中以用户为中心的一套完整设计理论。其目的是走到用户身边去,观察,发现用户在某一活动中的切实问题,并加以解决。设计师通过对发现的问题以及收集的数据进行分析和研究,根据其结论构建产品。该设计理论旨在提升用户在某一活动中的体验,因此,结构化设计很少会采用问卷调查等方式采访,而是在观察用户的同时对其进行访谈和询问。


Contextual design is a user-centric set of complete design theory in the field of interactive design. Its purpose is to go to the user to go, observe, find the user in an activity in the practical problems, and to be resolved. The designer builds the product according to its conclusion by analyzing and researching the discovered problem and the collected data. The design theory is designed to enhance the user's experience in an activity, so structured designs are rarely interviewed by questionnaires, but are interviewed and asked while observing users. The basic purpose of the scenario design is to enhance the user experience, MILANA need to solve how to let the user in the terminal shopping experience more pleasant process, the purpose of situational design is to go deep into the user, for a specific group of interviews observed to find The lack of the entire process of interactive experience, to improve it. So you want to fundamentally improve the user experience, to identify a specific group, and targeted to observe and redesign. MILANA has built six major landscaping scenarios to allow customers to fully immerse the immersive experience products.