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全品类展示,重点围绕小型数码设备进行展陈,入口有两个场景,分别展示适合运动的小型数码设备及配套产品。有步入式智能家居体验区,也设置大型游戏体验区,很重视模拟主题场景的搭建。 ps游戏专区,以玩起来的方式来构建整个就是ps的操作体验,适合游戏品类的展陈。 打网球体验区,用打网球的实体游戏来。

Show all categories, the focus on showcasing small digital devices, the entrance there are two scenarios, respectively, showing a small digital equipment and ancillary products for the sport. A walk-in smart home experience area, also set the big game experience area, attaches great importance to the theme of the scene to build simulation.
ps games zone to play together is the way to build the entire ps operating experience, showcasing category for games.
Tennis experience area, with tennis entities games