JD Finance



考虑到可快速落地及应对大流量顾客的互动操作稳定性,“黑科技”及互动技术应用,利用NFC技术,为JD Band(京东金融手环)和京东小白卡延展O2O体验,而在线下平台,如何丰富的展现产品信息,是重要的挑战。利用NFC与图像识别AI,识别产品,利用体感技术,提供产品的试穿、试用、试玩,帮助顾客全方位的了解产品。

JD chips on the "product aggregation" logic, experience a highly fragmented 6000 + SKU line entity business operations.

We do not need to break the + reorganization + atmosphere, to achieve the experience of trafficking and satisfaction; continue in the Jingdong public line platform Talkbility topic, a single product as the focus The "topic matrix", to achieve the line of business Talkbility "ethnic aggregation" of the resonance.

Taking into account the rapid landing and response to large flow of customers interactive operation stability, "black technology" and interactive technology applications, the use of NFC technology, JD Band (Jingdong financial bracelet) and Jingdong white card extension O2O experience, and online Platform, how rich display of product information, is an important challenge. The use of NFC and image recognition AI, identify products, the use of somatosensory technology, to provide the product try, try, try to help customers a full range of understanding of the product.