To explore the essence of elegant


Keep consistent grace high-quality tonality, emphasizing the atmosphere experience to convey the brand appeal. Carry out the whole display to kitchen appliances as the core, the whole category display, there is a clear segmentation electric kitchen and washing machine plate is the key.
Kitchen appliances: display and presentation of both
Four separate display plate two plate combined experience with dishwasher, independent plate. The 4 operation type experience zone. (of which one is a small kitchen electrical experience area)
Triangle: a smart kitchen experience area, experience the app control the oven, there are special video presentation with. A food and taste experience area, both the research function. The performance of the brand in the improvement of the quality of life of the hard. A comprehensive experience area, including embedded kitchen electric refrigerator, washing machine, combination, there is no timing operation experience. Is the core of in store experience zone.
Plate washing machine: a central experience plate, processing ability mainly for different quality clothes, bright spot is the nursing experience of fashion. A functional experience of washer plate, the performance of different dimension of the washing machine to different site adaptability. Two zones do display.
Small electric plate: contains material pressing, vacuum cleaners, coffee machine
An uninterrupted demonstration center bar, a blast machine demonstration device, an electric iron display presentation combinations. Composed of two large area.
Refrigerator plate: display mode is simple, no in-depth experience of plate, and washing machines, kitchen electric sharing a common area.
Tone: the overall tone to senior grey, with combination of red brown wood color cement board, add cloth unadorned atmosphere.
Material and craft: the material combination is extremely rich, fireproof board, paint, wallpaper, paint, wood paint, cement slab, tile etc.. Fire board with wood, metal color, monochrome, combination printing and other colors, on the process of using carving way, high technical difficulty, the overall effect is very good.
Lighting: the basic use of 3000K within the color temperature, to create a relatively comfortable home kitchen scene, lamps to pan band cover source and slice the spotlight combination based.