The new Promes whole house custom retail terminal, around the quality / exquisite / light luxury, so that the brand image becomes more three-dimensional, rich texture; redefine the material system, gray tone, pay attention to texture, attention to detail.

310 ㎡ store structure, the product will be divided into four sections according to style, start sub-rhythm sub-functional experience, through different styles of space, living room, kitchen, cloakroom as the theme, the use of products into the scene, enhance user experience, The design of the studio, to discuss the coffee area multi-functional area to the core display to the core, from the water-based paint, hardware, the design of the design area, To the details of accessories, multi-dimensional interpretation and delivery of product interests, array show Chen, to give users a sense of product plasticity and diversity, enhance product trust, reflect the brand of professional and rigorous.