万象城(MIXC)是世界500强企业华润集团旗下的高品质购物中心,“一站式”消费和“体验式”购物,包罗万象,为消费者带来全新的消费概念和生活体验。“会玩会生活Playful lifeful”,作为年度推广线索,带来情感化的表达,迎合消费人群的兴趣,模仿他们的语言,借力传播,成为品牌记忆点与独特的视觉符号,成为贯穿全年的线索。
The MIXC is the world's top 500 enterprises China Resources Group's high-quality shopping center, "one-stop" consumption and "experience" shopping, all-encompassing, to bring consumers a new consumer concept and life experience. "Play life will play life", as the annual promotion of clues to bring emotional expression, to meet the interests of consumer groups, imitate their language, leveraging the spread of the brand to become a memory and unique visual symbols, throughout the year The clue.