通过终端形象,塑造新的海尔海外品牌形象,传达2011年最新版本的海尔品牌形象(eco life),开发适应所有海外产品线的终端道具,增强终端在全国各国的通用性对当地执行力提供保障。全新的视觉识别,完善的分区模块功能,降低当地本地化制造难度,易于操作。从店内和平面VI识别上,始终贯穿核心视觉符号。

Through the terminal image, create a new Haier brand overseas, to convey the latest version of 2011, Haier brand image (eco life), developed to meet the overseas terminal props all product lines, enhanced terminal in the country versatility countries to provide protection for local execution . The new visual identity, a sound module partition function and reduce local localize manufacturing difficulty, easy to operate. From the store and identify the plane VI, runs through the core of visual symbols.