The convenience and happiness


IFA annual feast, there will be a few familiar faces brought us do not like surprises, Panasonic is one of them. In this exhibition, Panasonic ultra high-definition technology to further deepen and make it more close to life, allowing users to truly feel the 4K convenience and happiness.
Whether or last year's IFA show earlier this year CES, the aura of a new generation of ultra-high definition video technology are being enveloped, for the average consumer, it seems a little something warm. As a traditional home appliance giant, Panasonic will make an example of the industry. In the Panasonic booth, Panasonic tailored for ultra high-definition TV a number of aspects of human-computer interaction, allowing users to experience the change in the lives of ultra-high-definition TV.
On this the IFA, we finally see the new Panasonic TV --TX-L65WT600, which is a flagship ultra-high definition, heritage Panasonic excellent quality work, in addition, it also abandoned the traditional appearance of thick, ultra narrow, silver makeup appearance, giving a fresh feel.
In addition to the TX-L65WT600, Panasonic also on display at the 55-inch ultra-definition television, which shows the development of 4K technology Panasonic has been fruitful, the current small size of 4K television has become a major trend in the television market, Panasonic seems to have help wanted, trying to regain a city in the new round of the contest.