我们从消费者的需求出发重通过合理的体验,优选出样、有效的成本投入、新巧灵魂的运营模式,构建趋势(体验)与现实之间平衡。 400㎡美的智享空间,一致的风格取向与体验感受,智能、多元、舒适生活,从外部解决品牌视觉识别(大品牌识别/信任),内部解决品牌内在的价值输出(沟通/体验/多品类兼容), 通过消费购物流程管理路径,划分为5个不同功能的体验单元,兼顾多品类的展陈、情景营造与体验,构建模块化设计系统,确保终端可执行性,适应性和一致性。
We start from the needs of consumers through a reasonable experience, the preferred sample, the effective cost of investment, the new clever soul of the business model, build the trend (experience) and the balance between reality. 400 square meters midea enjoy space, consistent style orientation and experience experience, intelligent, diverse, comfortable life, from the outside to solve the brand visual recognition (big brand recognition / trust), internal solution brand intrinsic value output (communication / experience / Compatible), through the consumption of shopping process management path, divided into five different functional experience unit, taking into account the multi-category Chen Chen, scenario creation and experience, build modular design system to ensure that the terminal executable, adaptability and consistency.