Inspiration comes from nature

世界级家电品牌Beko倍科日前在刚落幕的2014年柏林国际消费类电子展(以下称“IFA展”)上首次发布全新品牌标识,并展出一系列创新产品。截至2014年上半年,一直以来在欧洲市场发展迅猛的Beko倍科已经位列欧洲白色家用电器行业的第二位,新近还携手西班牙足球豪门巴塞罗那俱乐部达成全球合作伙伴关系,继续以充满活力的态势蓬勃发展。n在今年的IFA展上,Beko倍科的参展面积达2606平方米,几乎是去年的两倍,在“灵感源于自然”这一主题下,重点展示了其智能型、资源节约型和用户友好型的家用电器,令参观者尽情体验家用电器为生活带来的轻松便捷。这一系列创新产品包括:nBeko倍科全新双开门冰箱,该冰箱能效高达A+++,采用NeoFrost制冷技术,保证冰箱内的湿度适宜,Everfresh保鲜区可保鲜储藏物长达30天。nBeko倍科新型洗衣机,采用创新Prosmart Inverter MotorTM,为消费者提供低能耗、低噪音的使用体验;CoolHygiene20 °C 技术则保证了Beko倍科洗衣机可在低温环境下进行环保洗涤。nBeko倍科新型高级洗碗机,采用Auto GlassShield技术,可将玻璃器具的使用寿命延长至少20年。

World-class appliance brand Beko Beko recently in Berlin just ended 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as "IFA Show") is the first release on the new brand identity, and exhibited a range of innovative products and services. As of the first half of 2014, has been developing rapidly in the European market Beko Beko has been ranked second in the European white goods industry, recently also to join Spanish giants Barcelona football club to reach a global partnership to continue to be a dynamic situation flourish.
At this year's IFA show, Beko Beko exhibition area of 2606 square meters, almost double last year, in the "inspired by nature" theme, focused on showcasing its intelligent and resource-saving and user-friendly type of home appliances, home appliances make visitors enjoy the experience easy and convenient for life. This series of innovative products, including:
Beko Beko brand new double-door refrigerator, the refrigerator energy efficiency up to A +++, using NeoFrost? Refrigeration technology to ensure appropriate humidity inside the refrigerator, Everfresh +? Preservation zone stored products can be fresh for up to 30 days.
Beko Beko new washing machine, using innovative Prosmart Inverter MotorTM, to provide consumers with low power consumption, low-noise experience; CoolHygiene 20 ° C technology is to ensure the Beko Beko washing machine washing can be carried out at low temperature environment green?.
Beko Beko new advanced dishwasher, using Auto GlassShield? Technology can extend the life of glassware at least 20 years.