The ART COOKING experience space pays more attention to the user experience, creates the kitchen ecology, optimizes the kitchen space, and allows the kitchen language to have the functions of “experience, sharing and socialization”, allowing consumers to experience the food culture and subtly feel the quality of life. improve. Unlike other kitchen appliances brands, Midea's cooking language hopes to convey food culture and new lifestyles in a simpler and more direct way. Humanized products change the stereotypes of kitchen equipment, from brand image perception, baking classroom experience, and letting the kitchen get nervous. It is easy to be relaxed, and it is simple from operation. More importantly, ART COOKING has also created a special designer tableware, ART COOKING peripheral product image wall, a direct-purchased semi-finished food material, and a Western-style/Chinese-style private kitchen area. In this new space, you can fully communicate and share with products, food and people around you, and you can have fun and convenience. “ART COOKING”, a culinary + delicious social camp.