HER&SHELLEY作为澳亚集团旗下的化妆品零售店,我以专业护肤作为品牌核心竞争力,基于对品牌积累和产品分析,注重匠心精神的表达和新的护肤理念传递。 在零售终端功能上划分三个板块:产品陈列和体验/皮肤测试单元;护肤测试单元/会员粉丝活动单元,从产品-体验-销售形成3层级热点,管理消费者购买流程。 加强护肤品类的产品组合与陈列,专业护肤品类形成三个核心中岛体验区,按油性、干性、混合性来分类设置,目录式基础货架管理,帮助消费者准确选购和认知产品,从而让消费者对品牌价值和产品品质建立信赖。
HER&SHELLEY as the cosmetics retail Australia Group, with my professional skin care brand as the core competitiveness based on brand accumulation and product analysis, focus on the expression of ingenuity and the new spirit of the concept of skin care delivery. Divide the three plates in the retail terminal function: product display and experience / skin test unit; skin test unit / member fans activity unit, from product sales experience to form the 3 level hot consumer purchase process management. Strengthen skin care category product portfolio and display, professional skin care category formed three core island experience area, according to the oily, dry and mixed classification setting, basic shelf management directory, to help consumers choose accurate and cognitive products, allowing consumers to establish trust in the brand value and product quality.