Intelligent home appliances


The whole category display, black and white power plus commercial combination, independent exhibition hall, black, refrigerator, dishwasher, vacuum cleaners, intelligent Home Furnishing were set up large-scale device or walk-in scene experience. In the overall exhibition comparison of average, relatively heavy electric black, no special performance in the exhibition and the spatial layout level, mainly uses the partition type, were divided according to the category, the use of a large number of screen, all categories have elaborate video presentations, only two of the experience type kitchen, provide food and beverage, atmosphere from the top of the LED light emitting lamp box.
Refrigerator: focus on the display of two selling points, ultra-thin large capacity and three door combination refrigerator.
Washing machine: in addition to the original bubble wash away, intelligent app control of the main push products.
Cleaner: Main mute and intelligence, on behalf of the product is intelligent robot. With the traditional demonstration device of vacuum cleaner.
The dishwasher: device performance flush, unique video device, transparent machine combined experience.
Microwave: as representatives of key development of small electric category Chen, a photoelectric experience device. A smart home area, pull over to the side of display, obviously not Samsung current focus.