The brand's three strategies into the terminal design

The SI system of the terminal store is essentially the customer brand strategy, product strategy and marketing strategy in the consumer end of the visual presentation.
YOUPON ceiling is the inventor of China's integrated ceiling, and this time we designed for the client terminal image is designed to achieve the three core objectives, which can be expressed by three key words:

The first is "clear"; to consumers more clearly convey who is YOUPON, provide what kind of service to meet their needs. The second is "Restore"; the perfect reinstatement of the terminal with YOUPON as founder of the integrated ceiling industry, as well as the strength of electrical product development and manufacturing experts. The third is to "lead"; brand image and sales efficiency upgrade, leading the channel power and ability to enhance.

In the design practice
We focus on the actual use of the customer's life situation, with the experience into the way to create a multi-category scene laboratory, interpretation of AIA's brand concept - "design for everyone's life details" and more strongly support its "designer" Image; we tailor-made for the customer core technology demonstration module, a visual way to interpret the unique advantages of AIA product power, "Inventor" image is clearly demonstrated; we use a combination of 1/2 scene and the ultimate model To guide consumers to imagine the effect of landing the product in their actual living space and vividly presenting the image of the "artist" of the AIA project aesthetics. At the same time, the marketing strategy of "the ultimate scenario will pull the turnover of the suite" will be implemented.