展厅功能划分5个区域:Core Theme主题展示区,关于品牌的发展与展示;Climate Corridor气候长廊,门窗使用场景的全方位体验,通过一个长长的走廊,两侧是不同的地域气候(实景+灯光+音效+环境特效),湿气、雾霾、严寒、沙暴、酷热、风浪、雷雨、狂风……参观动线与气候环境之间就是铝木门窗,真实地体验产品;Carpentry Space木工坊,关于门窗工艺的交互体验,展示门窗的制作过程、使用的原料和工具,现场参与木工制作,手串、挂件、摆件;Child’s Space 儿童游戏区——通过治理游戏,激发孩子的创造力积木、手工、绘画;Coffee Space 咖啡区,与户外阳光房结合。


Today, Liangmu Road will declare a new action, this time, it is alone, with the highest limit, the most extreme experience of the park exhibition hall, to the world declared their "ingenuity" unremitting pursuit, not only will continue to reflect In the product, the same will be presented in all the "customer" contact with the point and the surface, the "ultimate experience" to "internally and externally."

leawod industrial park 1800 square meters exhibition hall + office area 3000 square meters, this is not a home on the exhibition hall, but a natural climate and life to explore the relationship between the "climate museum." Seemingly closed monomer, but in reality the scenery is very different inside and outside: wood and the window into a collection of architectural appearance, the architectural exit and landscape innovation set in the central area. The formation of the central park, a collection of landscape, leisure, entertainment, communication of public functions. So that indoor and outdoor only one step away, you can feel the air and nature.

The outer wall uses a solid wall and a wall of the plant, so that the whole building is surrounded by nature. In the transition area, local manufacturing Xiong Xiaojing, anywhere can stay rest. Office wood heavy color, aluminum doors and windows into the office environment as the core space partition, open office environment, everywhere and outdoor natural convergence, so that the office more comfortable and more pleasant.

We try to find the context of man and nature, man and city. The garden around the middle of the building, whether it is the exhibition hall or office area, any place to take a small step that can be integrated into nature, fully embodies the leawod brand "back to nature" brand attitude.