Wash & Care

海尔洗衣机“洗护中心”,作为2017重要的销售触点,从Wash&Care Lab洗护实验室的互动体验区,到更加清晰展示“两大平台”的功能特质体验(顶开式洗衣机免清洗技术,高效,滚筒洗衣机直驱技术),凸显功能供给到探讨消费者需求,甚至关联情感,打造不可模仿的差异性。 海尔洗护中心围绕实验室视觉感官,以白色为主,使用空间更加通透,从顶面到地面,局部采用布纹材质肌理,Wash&Care Lab洗护实验室互动体验区,回归衣物洗护本质,对面料/污渍/水质多个纬度研究体验,感知海尔专业洗护解决方案,互动屏植入生动感知不同面料与洗涤产品搭配的专业洗护方案。 海尔洗衣机以优秀产品+解决方案,把繁复的洗护专业技术可视化转变为简单轻松生活的追求,成为全球领先的家庭洗护解决方案,消费者的生活顾问。
Haier washing machine shop, as the 2017 important sales contacts, from the Wash & Care Lab interactive laboratory experience area, to more clearly show the "two platforms" functional characteristics experience (top open washing machine cleaning technology, efficient, drum washing machine straight Drive technology), highlighting the function of supply to explore consumer demand, and even associated emotions, to create immeasurable differences can not be made. Haier care center around the laboratory visual senses, mainly white, the use of more transparent space, from the top to the ground, the local use of cloth texture material, Wash & Care Lab wash laboratory interactive experience area, return to the nature of clothing care, On the fabric / stain / water quality of a number of latitude research experience, perception Haier professional care solutions, interactive screen implantation vivid perception of different fabrics and washing products with professional health care program. Haier washing machine with excellent products + solutions, the complex care technology professional visualization into a simple and easy life of the pursuit of becoming the world's leading home care solutions, consumer life consultant.