In nature is a very important attempt nature brand, in the floor of the sold so many years later start testing to provide customers with more quality products and more experience, the 2400 - independent stores became a test to change the carrier of brand relationship with the customer.

We implanted with a new design elements for it to convey respect for the wood brand, which includes understanding and respect for each piece of wood, as well as originality spirit and the concept of environmental protection, it also seems to be so young and easy communication.

The whole space is divided into three parts, wood kind of museum, product experience unit, unit crossover experience.

Wood museum will tell a seed from the ground to become closely related with our life process of objects, it contains many species is introduced, and the design of the related to wood products, make each customer feel we use every piece of product is associated with not so ordinary and so full of stories. Here we will regularly do something about wood exhibition, design, material, we hope it can let every customer can feel the wood bring us more surprises.

Odor and product experience part through laboratory and wood workshop made to feel us to treat every piece of wood spirit of originality, smell the lab is to convey our concern for the safe use of each user's, wood workshop is made through participation and entertainment and share feelings and spirit of originality.