For children's products, we believe that the key to enabling sales In addition to the product itself has a higher purchasing power, another important reason is to be able to retain their children and enhance consumer retention time! Therefore, we divide the original monotonous space into two regions inside and outside for the space less than 90 ㎡ so that the space becomes rich. The experiencing area of the outer space not only realizes the reduction of the perceptual reality scene, but also has a rational monitoring and analysis area , Optimize the product experience and enhance consumer's brand preference. The inner space uses a modular layout for the product display area, making it a happy haven for kids through fun-filled settings that extend the line of action while enriching features and content. In accordance with the psychological needs of consumers to set reasonable from the outside to the store all aspects of the store, in order to achieve a clear, complete, good shopping experience. Neutral color and color with a reasonable match to form a professional and full of childlike world, while establishing a clear brand recognition, natural, environmentally friendly, soft material choices, the formation of the brand expression.