GE Appliances

从硬装到软装再到体验与互动环节,为顾客营造关于烹饪的American Dream。

GE Appliances,美式烹饪馆34平米,小尺寸店面,依然具备完整的展示及销售功能,强烈的New school American,情感与视觉上的精准吸引消费者,情景化展示贩卖对未来生活的憧憬,互动体验味道比视觉更能触发,对烹饪的想象与期待。

From hard to soft and then to experience and interactive links, for the customer to create the American Dream on cooking.

GE Appliances, American Culinary Museum 34 square meters, small size of the store, still have a complete display and sales features, strong New school American, emotional and visual precision to attract consumers, the scene show the future of life shopping experience, interactive experience Taste is more than the visual trigger, the imagination of cooking and look forward to.