When the staff of a mobile phone, enough to complete the daily record and pictures, and photography is a more sophisticated record of life, is to keep a better memory. Photography, not professional can be engaged, but everyone can try. Let "ordinary people" feel the fun of photography! As the Canon design store the original design concept. Guide "ordinary" consumers into photography, try photography, love photography, to help consumers through the short, but by the shallow and deep experience, to find the fun of photography. White + wood color as the main tone, relaxed, natural, to create a comfortable sense of life, a small amount of color to make space color fashion, young. (Canon's glorious history and outstanding results / from IXUS to EOS product array), with a professional to win non-professional (professional and innovative), with a range of interactive (props + camera + screen + software) experience environment, show Canon brand culture and complete product system Consumer "worship".