JARDEN全美乃至全球提供独特的家居或家居周边消费产品解决方案的领先者,总部设在美国纽约在全球有超过25,000名员工,在美国上市并于2011年财富500强排名中列居第379位, 相比2010年的排名上升了27位!被BusinessWeek(商业周刊)列入世界最有影响力的的行列。

JARDEN the nation and the world to provide a unique home or home surrounding consumer products solutions leader, headquartered in New York with more than 25,000 employees worldwide, listed in the United States and in 2011 listed in the Fortune 500 ranking ranked 379, compared to 2010, has climbed 27! ranks is BusinessWeek (Business Week) included in the world's most influential.
Thanksgiving Day is a unique festival of the American people. Thanksgiving mentioned, the visual performance will naturally think of pumpkins, turkey and celebrations. So we as a sudden sense of excitement in the performance of the screen, festive feeling, let the Chinese people also felt greetings from the United States.