近20年,国人居住环境改善,厨房面积不断增大,冰箱更大比例的进入厨房,国人的热食习惯,70%的冰箱使用与厨房紧密相关。冰箱,已经是一个关于厨房的话题。 当前行业终端寸土寸金,我们以第一视觉,立面楣头成为突破口,在80平米U型体验店中,植入科技的动态流媒图像形成强烈的视觉张力,形成热点引起关注,关联软性的场景氛围与厨房生活场景互动,跨品类融合和集约化的展陈模式,既能充分利用空间,同时有丰富可变的互动与视觉体验。 美的冰箱2017终端门店不只是展示和贩卖冰箱,而是上升到厨房、烹饪、美食和关于美食的幸福生活。
Nearly 20 years, people living environment improved, the kitchen area is increasing, the refrigerator into a larger proportion of the kitchen, people's hot food habits, 70% of the refrigerator is closely related with the use of the kitchen. The refrigerator is already a topic about the kitchen. The current industry end of the high cost of land, we have the first visual, facade to become a breakthrough in the mouth, in the 80 square meters U-type experience shop, implanted technology dynamic flow media image to form a strong visual tension, the formation of hot spots of concern, The interactive atmosphere of the scene and the kitchen life scene interaction, cross-category integration and intensive Chen Chen model, both make full use of space, while a rich and varied interactive and visual experience. Midea fridge 2017 terminal stores are not just show and sell refrigerators, but rise to the kitchen, cooking, gourmet and happy life about food.