For such "slow-moving goods" in the European School, they have specific time consumption and high single-value merchandise, and the consumers purchase most of them make decisions on the spot. The management of "consumption history" is particularly important and the key to victory , We need to break the boundaries of European and more and more products, reorganize the logic of experience between products, translate into an audible, visible and touchable pain point of life and product characteristics that allow consumers to obtain more than just the product itself, but more importantly It is the life and dream brought by Europeans.

1000 square meters Europe sent home life experience center, we are divided into the following three functional areas:

340 square meters of public open area, full of more sensory experience, including high-quality design services studio, the emphasis on comfortable coffee area, detailed templates and techniques, as well as sharing home improvement design, dissemination of related information open class, friendly , Open scenes, pay more attention to social sharing, multiple regions can be converted.

95㎡ ideal life laboratory, related to everyday home life trajectory, life pain points and product characteristics of the show, scenarios plus functional demonstration, "black technology" and interactive technology applications, perception products, the use of somatosensory, holographic projection technology, rich display products Information, provide product trial, experience, help customers a full range of products.

565 ㎡ living scene experience, a complete 60-120 square meters apartment layout solution, but also to understand the needs of users, more vivid and customers to explore future life scenarios, from a single use of the scene to personalized, diversified use of the scene, to different consumer Groups respond to different "points of interest" and build targeted "Focus" communication solutions and immersive scenario experiences.