卡萨帝Shopping Mall体验店,忠实顾客及新顾客,通过服务对品牌产生新印像,提升好感和粘稠度,长线上形成可持续发展的社交圈,拉近品牌与顾客的距离。



The Casarte Shopping Mall, loyal customers and new customers, will create new impressions on the brand through services, promote goodwill and stickiness, form a sustainable social circle on the long-term, and bring brands closer to customers.

A point-to-point care consultant, a mobile care consultant advisor, taking care of customers into the store, guiding care experience/service, and organizing activities. Garment classification education in the cloakroom scene (maternal/infant/formal wear/large sportswear), different categories of products corresponding to different attributes. The “Tianjin Library”, the fiber-optic experience area, showcases the care and rapid sterilizing and decontamination of air-washed fabrics. Product selection is mainly display, and it is embedded in the electronic purchase system. The Designers' Workshop will cooperate with products and industries to provide customers with professional care services (separation/washing/air washing). In the children's creative area, parents can wait for or participate in activities while allowing children to play art graffiti and become art exhibits in the experience. The open line ensures penetration and flexibility in all areas, and the entire shopping and experience process is more open/easy.

Casarte leads the consumer, recognizes, thinks or even changes the way of life, from high-end electrical appliances manufacturer to high-quality lifestyle leader, the terminal pays attention to the complete high-end life experience, a high quality "home", an exquisite "model room The concept of a brand that covers a complete life.