VIsual Strategy



Rsiii将“氛围视觉化导向Visual Ambient Oriented”和“传播视觉化导向Visual Communication Oriented”理念,演绎到中国市场是Rsiii连连得胜的法宝,是我们帮助客户将国际化与本土化共入佳境的战胜之道。这也是Rsiii 的创意。



我们的服务跨越不同的行业,从家电到建材/服装/消费类电子/化妆品/快消品/零售连锁… 都是我们曾经及未来会涉足的领域。


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We are focused on integrated visual design for brand chain stores, and enticing their customers our slogan is: "everything visual". In the modern world, we can see that the concept of a "brand" has broadened considerably. All brands rely on visual design, and we are advocates of this fundamental premise. Our overall goal is to become an internationally renowned design company. Rsiii introduced the concept "visually oriented ambiance and communication" into the chinese market, and it has been instrumental to our continued success. We help our clients to realize the way to achieve to their utmost potential through internationalization and localization. This is the fundamental tenet to which rsiii subscribes. Our business market across china, especially on the east coast of china, entails service of an international standard. We now have an impeccable reputation within the field of chinese retail visual design. We not only provide services to many high-quality domestic and international brands,, but also help some upcoming brands to rapidly improve their brand image. Our services range across different industries, from household appliances, construction materials, clothing, consumer electronics, cosmetics, and consumables, to retail chain stores. We are the practitioner of new retail and design the most retail stores in China.


Kweichow Moutai Experience Center

必美地板, 风格世界诠释欧洲百年木业经典

BEAMY, Style world interprets European century-old wood industry classics


Longfa high-end private home Fussen flagship store

Clivet, 源自意大利的优雅科技

Clivet, elegant technology from Italy

海尔1200㎡综合展厅, 空间既橱窗

Haier exhibition hall, space is the window

MIHA, 小体量大场景

MIHA, small mass scene

海尔(中国), 智慧家庭城市体验中心

Haier (China), Smart Home City Experience Center

美的厨房电器, 烹饪与饮食文化的碰撞

MIDEA Kitchen Appliances, Clash of Cooking and Diet Culture

东芝“善厨芝味”, 从“深夜食堂”走出来的精致料理店

Toshiba Experience Store, an exquisite restaurant that came out of

TOTGUARD, 打开学习家具的另外一种方式

TOTGUARD, Open another way to learn furniture

索菲亚, 让好看更有内涵

SUOFEIYA, let it look more connotative

三禾, 用色彩定义一个温暖的品牌

SANHE, Defining a warm brand with color

“厨语”, 一个烹饪+美味的社交营地

ART COOKING, A cooking + delicious social camp

Casarte卡萨帝, 衣维世界

Casarte,Garment Dimensions

掌上明珠全屋定制家居, 不同色彩与材质的碰撞

M&Z,Collisions of different colors and materials

美的前装体验店, 让“家电”也成为“定制”

Midea Comfort Home, making home appliances also become

HER&SHELLEY, 鲜明的亲肤主题集合店

HER&SHELLEY, Vibrant Skin Friendly Theme Collection Store

新标, 外是城市, 里是家

SIMOBR,It's a city outside. It's a home.