作为定制家居的代表品牌,欧派对产品的创新和精益求精是其最核心的竞争力,除了拥有全国最大的博士后科研工作站、137项发明和专利(截至今年5月)外,还拥有一个超过300人的、包含意大利、德国专家在内的设计研发团队。包括香奈儿特聘设计师赛乔(Sergio Castiglia)、意大利米兰家具展核心评委埃托雷(Ettore Tinagli)、国际知名设计师马克(Marco Bortolin)等多位国际著名设计大师,已经作为产品设计师与欧派合作多年。




As a representative brand of custom home, OPPEIN is the core competitiveness of its products innovation and excellence. In addition to having the nation's largest postdoctoral research station, 137 inventions and patents (as of May this year), it also has more than 300 people. Design and development team including Italian and German experts. Including Chanel special designer Sergio Castiglia, Italy's Milan furniture exhibition core judge Ettore Tinagli, internationally renowned designer Marco Bortolin and many other internationally renowned design masters, has been working as a product designer and European association for many years.

So this time, the new model store of OPPEIN wardrobe, we found and core visualized is "global design and international aesthetics"!

The entire exhibition hall has a very different design positioning - "light luxury custom: Signature master signature shop", like Philip Sdak's MIX series to Xiaomi, Yamamoto Yoji's Y3 to Adidas, the master signature shop is also OPPEIN wardrobe Brand extension and sublimation.

The exhibition hall is divided into two core areas, left and right. The left side of the door continues the OPPEIN wardrobe multi-functional, multi-style model display form to meet the consumer's primary home practical performance. On the right side of the entrance, for the first time, the independent large-sized apartment with more than 180m2 has 100% restored the design of several international masters. From design concept, product structure, to scene setting, the design completely conveys the design to the home, Understanding of life.