店内的精神堡垒彰显五粮液文化,外厅,产品展示与互动体验,在外厅“精神堡垒”后,设置产品互动体验台。除3-4个核心产品的出样;还包含 NFC产品互动鉴真、 互动屏幕产品信息介绍、 五粮香型讲解/鉴赏、五粮液酿造工艺介绍;店内左右两侧立面,“明星产品”与“阵列出样”交替,以此凸显“明星产品”价值,并延续专卖店产品丰富、琳琅满目的感受。


wuliangye Wuliangye, a 600 years after the ancient pits experience, in China Luzhou wine unique brand of wine.

Wuliangye super experience shop, the space layout of the application of traditional Chinese architectural aesthetics of the core principles of one of the king of the style of "axis symmetry"; facade continued Wuliangye shop

System "red + gold" the basic color recognition, to ensure that consumers can clearly identify the shop SI (shop identification) and PI (product packaging identification) echoes;

The spirit of the store highlights the Wuliangye culture, the outer hall, product display and interactive experience, in the outer hall "spiritual fortress", set the product interactive experience platform. In addition to 3-4 core products of the sample; also includes NFC products interactive Jianzhen, interactive screen product information, Wuliangxiang explain / appreciation, Wuliangye brewing process introduction; store on both sides of the facade, "star products" and "Array sample" alternately, in order to highlight the "star product" value, and continue the store products rich, dazzling experience.

Interior hall, learn from the traditional Chinese architecture "round window" elements, ritualized several high-value single product, fine show and wine king tasting, wine king tasting area, is Wuliangye experience shop

For the guest (bulk buy customers, VIP customers) exclusive service area. Tasting area display Chen layout and lighting effects with the outer hall to form a visual segment. Learn from the tea culture, pumping simple furniture design language from the type of long table, shopkeeper and guest guests and guests seated, talk, tea, wine tasting.