Feel IFA

柏林国际电子消费品展览会(Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin),缩写IFA。它是目前德国最具规模的电子产品博览会之一,源于1924年。在第二次世界大战后为两年举行一次。由于市场需求上升,故在2005至2006年起则改为每年举办。它也是世界上最大的消费类电子产品的展览会,不断增长的参展和参观人数以及不断提高的参展水平,使该展成为电子消费品行业最重要的信息交换市场和了解发展咨询的平台。

One of exposition, from 1924. Held once in two years after World War II. Due to increased market demand, so in 2005 to 2006 to be held every year since then. It is also the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, the growing number of exhibitors and visitors as well as increasing the level of participation, so that the consumer electronics industry developed into the most important exchange of information and understanding of market development advisory platform.