The growth of the visual


Use the backslash is a major adjustment of brand elements, brand innovation expressed determination to break through in the plate, the use of LED rolling video makes the performance more attractive, adumbrative also will have a greater breakthrough from the product level. Mute and reputation as a separate plate exist. Set up independent intelligent furniture experience plate.
A/ kitchen electric plate: be strengthened as the core product IFA exhibition continues, 4 demo experience area, including the kitchen electricity and small electrical category, two large device to electric kitchen and small electric, in particular capsule Coffee machine is key display demonstration, the story line is clear, experience vivid, containing the device itself and partners of the exhibition.
B/ washing machine plate: strengthen the concept of combination washing machine, wall display gave this theme. Not much change in the overall product.
C/ refrigerator refrigerator plate: plate no other key adjustment in addition to make a change in the display of props material on the outside.
D/ ceiling sparkle plate: two experience with display plate, stressed that the 3 point, the depth of the welcome, mute, energy saving, as the main selling point is the key demonstration mute.
E/ small electric plate: multifunctional cooking machine is the main push key products, has a large experience device and with the multi-level video presentations, super chef multi-point live demo cooking machine function.
F/ electric iron wall device showed excellent ability to play the. The selling point handling capacity for various kinds of clothing.
Tone: remains of large area of white tonal, strengthen the large dynamic video expression, video products and good food as the main theme, very exciting.
Material and process: material to paint, high white paint glass, cement materials of man-made board, wood artificial board based. Exquisite workmanship is not less than the display design advanced instead of the ordinary exhibition production process.
Lighting: the basic use of ordinary exhibition with hood for floodlight system, with built-in light and condenser sections of lights to create a light environment. The main light source color temperature in the 4200k, with part of the 6300k cold light source, and a light source color intervention.
Clothing: black with a red belt.