展品范围分为八大类:商店装配,商店设备,建筑技术;照明,照明技术;冷冻食品展示柜;视觉销售规划,促销,销售点营销;通讯和信息技术;销售安全系统;展销台建造,设计与活动;其他相关服务。专业观众涵盖了所有零售业及相关行业领域:食品和非食品零售商,批发商,供应商,零售设备的代理商、分销商、生产商, 专卖店,百货商场,大型超市,以及建筑师、室内设计师、视觉促销专家、广告专业人士、平面设计师以及展览行业从业人员等。

该展会从某种角度上相当于德国的“展中展”,是每三年一次的德国展台设计搭建行业的大聚会,众多来自德国及欧洲国家的展台设计搭建公司与会。展位设计都极巨匠心,整个Euro Expo主题展区的每个展位都可以称得上为经典设计案例。展位色彩鲜明,造型各异,无论展位大小,都显得非常有特色,极力展示该公司的设计和搭建风格。给观众印象最深的是欧洲的展台设计尤其注意设计与营销的结合,注意客户企业整体风格的保持以及企业理念和文化在设计中的体现,展会上展出的企业设计搭建案例无不体现这一点。在Euro Expo主题展区,展会主办方还将委托国际展览服务联合会和德国知名的展览传媒相关的展示搭建主题讲座和报告会,在5天的展会上举办共50余场次的讲座。讲座主题从如何吸引观众参观自己的展位到灯光和照明:最重要的展示元素,从如何恰当使用展商和观众的相关信息到德国展览业协会最新推出的展商参展评估系统的推介,涉及展览行业的方方面面,如果全程听下来,绝对是了解展览行业最新动态的极佳培训课程。

Founded in 1966, the retail Dusseldorf Exhibition (Euroshop) is the world's largest retail trade and influence , advertising and exhibition equipment industry comprehensive exposition , exhibition area over 200,000 square meters , held every three years a session .

The exhibition is divided into four themes , namely : EURO concept - store decoration , window design , lighting, architectural preservation and refrigeration equipment and technology to create a unique shopping experience providing ingenious solutions ; EURO Marketing - visual consumption process , POS marketing ; EURO communications and Security - information security technology services and retail communications technology ; EURO exhibition - the latest technology and methods exhibitions, festivals latest industry trends , design and construction of booths .

Exhibits are divided into eight categories : shop fitting , store equipment, construction technology ; lighting, lighting technology ; frozen food display cabinets ; visual merchandising, promotions, point of sales and marketing ; communications and information technology ; selling security systems ; exhibition station construction, design and activities ; other related services. Professional audience covers all areas of retail and related industries : food and non- food retailers , wholesalers , suppliers,retail equipment dealers , distributors , manufacturers , stores, department stores , supermarkets, as well as architects, interior designers , visual marketing experts , advertising professionals , graphic designers and exhibition industry professionals and so on.

German equivalent on the show in some ways " exhibition in the exhibition ," is once every three years in Germany booth design and construction industry, large gatherings, booth design from Germany and many European countries to build the participating companies . Booth design are very greatest heart , each booth throughout the Euro Expo theme pavilion can be regarded as a classic design case . Booth vivid colors , shapes, regardless of booth size, are very distinctive, strongly demonstrate the company's design and construction style. To the audience impressed me most was the booth design in Europe combined with particular attention to the design and marketing , pay attention to the customer to maintain their overallstyle and corporate philosophy and culture reflected in the design of the exhibition display case design and construction companies embody it. In the Euro Expo Theme Pavilion , the exhibition organizers will entrust the International Exhibition Services Association and the German -renowned exhibition display media related topics lectures and presentations to build ,organize screenings of more than 50 lectures on five days of the exhibition. Lecture topics from how to attract visitors to visit their booth to lighting and lighting : The most important display elements , how to properly use the relevant information from exhibitors and visitors to the German Trade Fair Industry Association 's new evaluation system exhibitors promotion, involving the exhibition industry every aspect of the entire process down to listen if absolutely understand the latest developments in the exhibition industry, excellent training courses.