IFA looking Magenta EINS



互动:每个点都有不同的礼物和赠品,惊喜不断,游戏主题功能被作为主题来呈现,足球游戏,彩绘游戏,化妆体验,赛车游戏,cosplay扮演,现场印刷t血,现场维修手机,音乐体验区,模拟户外、测绘等场景,现场销售区,bmw i3,体验,智能家居体验互动,多点讲座区。甚至可以躺着睡觉,总之,这是一个欢乐的海洋。
布局:中心演出区,按品牌点状小型分布,靠墙也有产品陈列,智能家居区,i3 展示区,现场办理业务区,讲座区,出口位置设置咨询区,维修接待区,化妆区,diyT血区,户外运动和专业服务展示区配小型讲座,人体彩绘活动区。

Most young fashion cool display mode, full of vitality and creativity, rich and colorful, really into the interaction in a high degree of experiential show textbook.
Feature: center stage focusing type layout, cool video lighting mode, function combination point module, new interactive experience. A strong visual identity experience
The central area, performances and interviews of uninterrupted, let hi atmosphere did not respond to a curtain call. Very good visual performance wall projection system, uses the juxtaposition of double projection system, combined with the
Wall three-dimensional modeling, to create a concert level visual effect.
Interactive: each point have different gifts and premium, pleasantly surprised unceasingly, the game theme function is as the theme to show, football games, painting makeup game, experience,
Racing game, COSPLAY play, on-site printing T blood, on-site repair mobile phone, music experience area, outdoor, mapping and other scene simulation, field sales area, BMW i3,
Experience, experience the smart home interaction, multi point lecture area. You can even sleep lying down, in a word, this is a sea of joy.
Elements: the triangular patches or slash line diversified use, planar, three-dimensional, segments, both highly unified has very rich.
Tone: Cool joy is the overall tone and brand appeal of it, a lot of projection used so that the tone of varied and unified, the visual impact is very strong. The images to the life
The scene, water, clouds, forests, the natural landscape as the material, smooth and natural, and brand appeal very fit.
Material and process: a dark carpet, assembled multilayer board, wood dyed white, various color materials carpet furniture, hand-painted wall.
Layout: the central acting area, according to the brand dot small distribution, against the wall also has a display of products, intelligent home district, I3 display area, the scene for the business district, lecture area, out of
The mouth position setting Advisory area, maintenance of the reception area, make-up area, diyT blood area, outdoor sports and professional service display area with small talk, body painting activity area.