For wooden door the low awareness of building materials industry, we should through what means of drainage, improve sales?

First is our understanding of the product, TATA has a wooden door core "mute" wooden door. The understanding of the "mute" not let down to 0 db, but every room in the home is a separate world, wooden door can isolate the interference of sound, immerse yourself in your own world.

Our life is complex and blatant, your own little world is interfered with every day... TATA wooden door just this small world offers a guard barrier for us. First in the product, the brand appeal, we have such feelings demands a connectivity, on the design of the flagship store, we have the root of creativity. Be worth what carry is the store on the first floor, seems to be a pure and fresh, quiet, funny "cafe", when we pushed the solution around the door, see, hear is our real and noisy world, in the outside world and the gate of the world Boundary, in stark contrast, when consumers experience the seven, TATA will remind him quiet, easy and comfortable small world is so rare, the wooden door and we can help you to realizing this vision.

In addition, we also set up a store fresh characters "eavesdropping bear" anthropomorphic to the witness of the world, the late is also as the promotion of image of wooden door, TATA let consumers remember.