The story centers around SUOFEIYA's understanding of space and life, and focuses on interpreting what it means to "understand space." From the most detailed space (storage space, living space, and living space), we have extended our understanding of different areas of real-life homes. We have leveraged our product's collective power and enriched products. In addition to providing space solutions, we also hope to In the space to reach more consensus with consumers, so that they can be excited to participate in their own living space design.

SUOFEIYA creates a retail atmosphere and connects young people from products, in-store materials, texts, videos, and other friendly communication methods, making them feel that this is the brand of my contemporaries. Scenarios are based on the size of the space. Combining the functional differences of product use, each scenario space is a style theme under different cultural backgrounds. The standard scenario display module is designed for channel selection.

Visible SUOFEIYA is sentimental, of course, is good-looking, unexpected, enviable. Invisible Sophia is rational. From raw materials to finished products, the logic is clear and convincing, so that consumers can calmly interpret and make decisions. Let retail stores realize sensibility and rationality to trigger the integration of buying influence, so that they will have better connotation and better use.