Delicate, sweet illusion - I am a small woman 70's


1970s, naturally, I was more interested in recording some of my little woman as some pictures of interest. Perhaps depression, perhaps slightly sad, perhaps alternative visions of life, and perhaps the occasional confusion of those small details, small point child, I used painting to express a variety of emotionsnA simple life in a small womannBackground painting family, painting successfully admitted to the United States Department of Sichuan, work, get married and have children, through simple, pure, and I can articulate poor but there are many dream-like fantasy, so I painted those easy, relatively speaking, a little aesthetic bias children, more imagination, there is no gore, no cruel, more attractive to me than reality because of my experience, my life, so I do not want to bother to cater to those. did not appreciate things, so relatively little woman. right More imagine living perfectionism.nFantasy and reality, little woman walkn