对于木门这种低关注度的建材行业,我们应该通过何种引流的手段,提升销售呢? 首先是我们对产品的理解,TATA木门有一个核心“静音木门”。“静音”的理解不是让声音降低到0分贝,而是在家里的每一个房间都是一个独立的世界,木门可以隔绝声音的干扰,让自己沉浸在自己的世界里。 我们的生活错综复杂又喧嚣,自己的小世界每天都被干扰着...TATA木门正好为我们这个小世界提供了一道守护屏障。首先在产品诉求,品牌诉求,情怀诉求上我们都有这样一种通性,在旗舰店的设计上,我们就有了创意的根源。值得一提的是店面的一楼,看上去是一个清新、安静、有趣的“咖啡馆”,当我们推开四周的一扇扇门时,看到的,听到的真是我们这个真实、嘈杂的世界,门外的世界与门内的世界,形成了鲜明的对比,当消费者经历了这样7种体验后,TATA会提醒他宁静、安逸的小世界是如此难得,而我们的木门可以帮你实现这样的愿景。
For the wooden doors of this low degree of concern in the building materials industry, we should be through what means of drainage, to enhance sales? The first is our understanding of the product, TATA wooden door has a core "quiet wooden door". "Mute" understanding is not to reduce the sound to 0 dB, but at home every room is an independent world, wooden doors can be isolated from the interference of the sound, so that their immersed in their own world. Our lives are complex and hustle and bustle, and their little world is disturbed every day ... TATA Wooden Gate provides a guardian barrier for our little world. First in the product demands, brand demands, feelings of appeal we have such a kind of common, in the flagship store design, we have the roots of creativity. It is worth mentioning that the first floor of the store, looks like a fresh, quiet, interesting "cafe", when we push around a door, see, hear is really our real, noisy Of the world, the world outside the world and the door of the world, in stark contrast, when consumers experience such a 7 experience, TATA will remind him of quiet, comfortable little world is so rare, and our doors can help You realize this vision.