As more customized home-based companies access the capital markets, competition in the industry is intensifying. According to industry data projections, by 2018, the scale of domestic custom home industry will reach 150 billion yuan. Customized industries throughout the house have been rapidly warming up, attracting home-based businesses in the fields of plate, flooring, appliances, sanitary ware and decoration. For the "slow-selling" products such as whole-house customization, the staying time of customers entering the store is usually very short, Retaining customers is a common problem in every store at present. It is also the key link that affects the sales performance of stores. Whether consumers purchase most of them is the decision-making at the spot or not. The management of "consumption history" is particularly important.

M & Z 1000㎡ Group exhibition hall strategy and design, the combination of finished furniture and custom furniture, the dual production advantages, based on the needs of each family life, reasonable planning, design, matching, to provide customers with the most economical and comfortable solution for large home experience Program.

Take advantage of the original 7-meter high space and natural light to form a circular experience line around the central area, from brand positioning to accurate consumer positioning to divergent hotspot planning of product experience to meet the function of the exhibition hall and to break the reorganization Customized product and style experience throughout the house, 4 functional zones, a brand definition area and Miyake style of life experience (subdivided into 3 different style templates to meet different age scenarios of the scene), to attract the attention of the visual senses , To guide the way of life, the display of style templates, craftsmanship and then to confirm the purchase of the show, to provide customers a complete solution for large home.