We follow viomi "the courage to innovate, reshape the younger generation of the Internet life experience," the appeal to clean, pure visual style distinction is now the other home appliance brand.

In order to improve viomi as a new brand into the market fit, but also to meet their own brand recognition and product awareness for consumers. In the brand recognition, in the form of light to highlight the brand's VI color, so that it is not abrupt and natural, and has a strong sense of atmosphere and attractiveness. Installed LOGO elements of the use of the brand more time to interspersed in the store, so that the formation of consumer memory.

In the product awareness, we are in the pursuit of product display at the same time, but also focus on product technology experience, in line with viomi black technology temperament, so that consumers more in-depth understanding of the core technology products; also focus on product experience, combined with viomi open the whole house Internet appliances strategy, so that cloud rice products more in-depth consumer life.

To reflect the viomi in the terminal shopping in the innovative F2C shopping process, we are planning the shopping path more reasonable: so that consumers in the attract - cognitive - deep - decision - the process of buying at one go.